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Water Tower Sternebeck

Water Tower Sternebeck
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Water Tower Sternebeck
Water Tower Sternebeck
Water Tower Sternebeck
Water Tower Sternebeck
Water Tower Sternebeck
Water Tower Sternebeck
Water Tower Sternebeck

This Model will be produced every Year only in JULY

Water Tower "Sternebeck"

To scale and very complex model reconstructed from original drawings. For photos and plans implemented in the model. The water tower STARS BECK has an ideal size for model railroad layouts, with about 440 mm height and 18 cm base diameter, it fits everywhere. His well-proportioned appearance makes him probably the most beautiful water tower, which still exists today. Traditional brick construction with many details in the model.

The water tower "Sternebeck"
The model of the water tower is really something special: A beautiful brick architecture from the heyday of the railways, with intricate design and myriad details. This has put a lot of effort, but the beautiful result now fits on your investment!

The original of our model:
The water tower "star Beck" has been designed as a basic Prussian type. Already at the beginning of the railroad tried to railroad companies to save costs by certain frequently used standardized building. Our model of the water tower corresponds to such a formerly widespread type. The original tower was (presumably) built over several decades, from the end of the nineteenth century. Particularly striking is the expensive and naturally beautiful brick construction. You are walls made of elaborately interlaced arches and arcades, which are static and optically perfect fascination. Here was beauty combined with functionality. the result is a water tower is probably one of the most beautiful in Germany. Our model gives this design perfectly to scale back.

The Modell:
The water tower "star Beck" is created almost like the original. In complex work almost every brick of the original model was implemented into 1:32. It's not just about the proportions and display of wall surfaces, and the corner elements. The beautiful model has been created in elaborately tiered arcades design, and this it was exactly replicate. By the 8-sharing and the three bullets a lot of careful parts were needed. The drawings of the water tower created by the approximately 300 images that I made from the original. On this occasion, was also again thanked the monument manager, who guided me in detail by the original and the original plans for the building could be used.
All measurements and bricks are exactly according to original plans to scale the wall art is reproduced exactly. The walls of our model are up to 16 mm thick (!), They thus correspond to the true thickness of the original! All windows are individually machined (not cast - breakage!) With Innenverrahmung. Roof panels and wall panels are each cast in one piece ready made items and very accurately. Complete roof with gables, finished cast Leistchen no gluing!

Our model of the outside:
We also attached special importance in this model to the solid construction. Then the weight up to 12 pounds. All walls are double, exterior and interior with brick / timber detail and scale thickness. The windows are built inside and out with a model framework. All windows for better stability milled, not cast.

The roof
consists of finished machined handle 8-sided roof segments. These are made of cast resin fine and already provided with the structure of the roofing felt - so it's no tedious cut strips or glue required! The whole roof has a substructure of beams as the original. These bars must not be made but are already in difficulty as finished parts.

The door
the water tower "Sternebeck" STANDARDS is fine with keyhole and door handle. It hangs in a timely manner modeled brass hinges and hinges, both made of brass castings. The door can be opened with the detail set, even a door handle and keyhole are provided!

The interior
is like the original. It can be seen with the detail set the rise and fall lines, it is also a coal stove with a chimney in the winter to prevent freezing of water. The head of the water tower "Sternebeck" offers a special feature: There can remove the roof and then you see that is in the interior designed by. You will discover the existing water tank model (detail block) that is located in the same location as the original. The water tank is just one piece 8 and rests on the outer walls of the upper floor. Around the Water Tank is a course for maintenance and inspection, the wooden walls of the head from inside a brick wall with timber, as in real! You can remove the roof and enjoy the inner workings. Enjoy this very beautiful model!

We build safe!
Information on the use of cheap building materials in models:
We guarantee you as our customer that we build our models exclusively WITHOUT wood, "Giesskeramik" or MDF fiberboard. By the action already normal humidity (in summer up to 90%) can warp wood and MDF boards! The result would be distorted structures and facades of your models! For this reason, it is natural for us that we do not offer you as a bit!
Our models are built from multiple expensive plastic. Our sophisticated manufacturing techniques, giving a much more expensive than wood boards to lasers, but are you as a customer we value these high costs!
Our models are available through our high effort for decades for sure!