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Slag Pit System 62

Slag Pit System 62
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Slag Pit System 62

- New 2013 - The Slag Pit System

Big Slag Pit system for 2 parallel tracks.
Length approx 80cm. Parallel track distance approx 165mm

The model is designed to be modular and can be combined from different Elements. It is made in the exact scale of 1:32. The Slag Pit system is a solid and finely detailed model for advanced modellers. It is intended for tender locomotives, like the original. Our model consists in the kit of precise plastic parts, which are assembled accurately. Everything is weatherproof built, a 'Laser-Wood "or brittle" Ceramic".

The Slag pit System as shown here consists of a 60cm long approx 20cm long and the mine water crane module. Both elements are also individually, combine and complement to the free. The model is also available as a finished model