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Schiebebühne SBB 70

Schiebebühne SBB 70
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The "Schiebebuhne"

is a central feature model. Due to the numerous sidings to allow intensive shunting. In the diesel or steam-BW is the sliding platform is an interesting and unusual eye-catching. Even cars can move through the appropriate size for the depot. The slide stage is a focal point in BW!

Large functional model,
weather resistant and distortion-free, with 4 drives with metal gears and ball bearings.
Stage length about 710 mm, possibility to connect up to 10 tracks.

Advantages of our model:
- Functional Model!
- Precise: A powerful drive in metal with steel gears and ball bearings covered 22
- Weatherproof - suitable for outdoor use - absolutely free of distortion!
- 10 sidings save a lot of space
- Fine detailing with corrugated sheet metal and building operators
- High level of prefabrication with accurate prefabricated components - short construction time - reliable results!
- Fine detailing and sturdy design
- Also suitable for heavy locomotives
- Suitable for all track systems

Technical design:
The stage length is approximately 715 mm, ie sufficient for almost all locomotives. The mine is 700 mm wide and can be extended with the extension. The stage is stable and distortion-free, it holds also in the field operation and heaviest locomotives. The track exits are freely selectable. The drive is completely made of metal gears, completely maintenance free. The stage is moved with drive shaft and steel gears. All external drive parts have ball bearings. The whole model is completely maintenance-free drive. Due to the high reduction in the platform can be positioned exactly 1/10th of a millimeter. The model is prefabricated and constructed to the highest extent. Nevertheless, it is of limited use for the beginner.

The kit consists of massive sliding platform CNC machined plastic parts, metal sections, aluminum and brass sections and small parts. All parts can be clean and precise with each other. Pit and stage consist of a few parts that can be put together easily and safely. The railings are made of brass, the stable stage moves vigorously, calmly even heavier locomotives. The drive is included in the kit.

The Detail kit as option
contains many pieces of equipment. To operate the stylish house belongs to the operator. It is a real gem! Top with a tin roof, it contains inside a facility with electrical box, hand wheels, and the fine metal mesh Schaltern.Dazu also heard, made from fine brass Bleck. Lying between the main tracks, it allows a view through to the prototypical box construction.