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Loco Shed Wirbenz 950 Diorama

Loco Shed Wirbenz 950 Diorama
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Loco Shed Wirbenz 950 Diorama
Loco Shed Wirbenz 950 Diorama

Roundhouse Wirbenz 950/950 Diorama

The grand design of a locomotive shed. Here nothing is missing: Place in a large, everything is possible!

Including the detailed set of wooden-floor, four large chimneys, doors with Torri leeches, 2 long investigation pits
Inclusive Diorama set with double walls for perfect Innendetaillierung (equivalent to almost a second engine shed)!
Including the water tower Sternebeck
Including the water tower Sternebeck detail set
Inclusive of workshop
Including the Coef-scales
Inclusive of many more parts

The original of our model:
A traditional roundhouse in the widespread bricks. The model is designed to be very solid and heavy, with up to 16mm thick walls correspond to the original mass. Particularly interesting by the second scales as growing!

Our model of the outside:
The roundhouse WIRBENZ consists of two side by side built shed, and the second one 760mmlang 530mm long., We have also placed special emphasis on this model to the solid construction. Then the weight up to 12 pounds. All the walls are in the diorama version even carried out twice, so that a realistic interior can be reproduced. STANDARDS The windows are outside and inside a model built with frames. All windows for better stability milled, not cast.

The roof
consists of solid roof panels which are also cast a large area and ready. So it's no tedious gluing necessary! Inside you will find a copy of the complete roof structure from a few pre-warping plastic elements. The entire roof can be put together so quickly and cleanly - no tedious cut strips or glue required!

The gates
the roundhouse have hinges, bolts and pins made ​​of metal! All fishing is done already poured. Therefore, no assembly errors, smooth running, delicate appearance and rust-free stability. Each model has Torpaar locking latch with which it can be closed, also made of metal (detail block).

Special sizes and quantities available on request, also special versions: