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Goods Shed Cottenbach Ready SCALE

Goods Shed Cottenbach Ready SCALE
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Goods shed "Cottenbach" Ready-LINE SCALE

Ready MODELL the goods shed "Öflingen" WITH plank floor inside, with the detail set, as desired patina to look at disk-like diorama Also one in the pictures.

With the SET DETAIL. This includes the wooden floor inside, to the finished roof gables, 15 bar extensions outside, opening doors in metal bars, metal crosses on the windows, 2 loading ramps, stairs to the loading ramp, handrail.

The goods shed is 38 x 24cm Cottenbach large. Also one of the finished model is solid diorama plate with elaborate exterior design. The SCALE model of the freight shed "Cottenbach" includes the loading platform at the railway track, ready-supports for the loading dock, the windows and doors. With the SET DETAIL. This includes the wooden floor inside the finished roof gables, extensions outside the bar, opening doors in metal bars, metal crosses on the windows, the stairs to the loading ramp, handrail so.

The goods shed "Cottenbach" is the beautiful and space-saving model for your secondary line!

Some technical data: The goods shed is 38 x 24cm in size Cottenbach (base). It is exactly 1:32 made for the track 1. All parts are made from distortion-free and weather resistant resin by hand. The doors are opening and running in rails metal, the roof rafters are already finished parts, there are virtually no rework. The model can be illuminated externally and internally.
With the goods shed Cottenbach you purchase a building faithfully crafted in harmonious form. The proportions have deliberately chosen the goods shed Cottenbach a small space look good. The pleasing appearance and the myriad details that make the goods shed Cottenbach into a jewel!

Our Factory Model
Note the unmatched realistic appearance of the wooden walls. Resin cast from the best of them offer not only a striking impression but above all a real distortion-free stability over many years! The model is made known and available in various designs solid with and without a detailed set. All windows for better stability milled, not cast. Our model of the goods shed is a complete redesign Cottenbach. He was to present in limited space can be an attractive model. He is of its features her more of a "big" model. In our traditional casting technology also all the walls are already completely finished. Only the windows and hardware must be used. The construction is achieved quickly and safely. And the fully simulated roof is far from prefabricated parts. Thus, construction errors and virtually eliminated the formation of your goods shed is relaxed in front of him. All stages of construction are explained in our clear instructions and illustrated with many color pictures. As a supplement, there are additional tips for painting vivid.

The roof is made of solid roof panels that are cast over a large area and you're done. So it's no tedious gluing necessary! Inside you will find a copy of the complete roof structure from a few pre-warping plastic elements. The entire roof can be assembled quickly and cleanly - there is no tedious cut strips or glue required!

The doors of the freight shed open and close in metal rails. They are ready and have already been cast metal handles.

Inside, a realistically textured wooden floor is laid, the walls are plastered between the visible timber. All beams and braces are modeled. To decorate a large load set with numerous boxes, bags and barrels is available, consisting of cargo pallets, boxes, cardboard tubes, cardboard boxes and more. Also available: a brick fireplace for the winter, a stove to a table for the load master, a locker and a shelf for small items.

We build safe!
Information on the use of cheap building materials in models:
We guarantee you as our customer that we build our models exclusively WITHOUT wood, "Giesskeramik" or MDF fiberboard. By the action already normal humidity (in summer up to 90%) can warp wood and MDF boards! The result would be distorted structures and facades of your models! For this reason, it is natural for us that we do not offer you as a bit!
Our models are built from multiple expensive plastic. Our sophisticated manufacturing techniques, giving a much more expensive than wood boards to lasers, but are you as a customer we value these high costs!
Our models are available through our high effort for decades safely and weatherproof.