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Goods Shed Braunberg 440

Goods Shed Braunberg 440
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Goods Shed Braunberg 440
Goods Shed Braunberg 440
Goods Shed Braunberg 440
Goods Shed Braunberg 440
Goods Shed Braunberg 440

Goods Shed "Braunberg"

The model "Brown Mountain" also includes a model "Engental" enhanced features:
This includes moving the gates up and shut, metal rails. To decorate an elaborately set with numerous cargo crates, sacks and barrels is included, to pallets, boxes, cardboard tubes, cardboard boxes and other cargo. Next part of the model "Bernbach": a stone fireplace for the winter, a stove to a table for the load master, a locker and a shelf for small items.

Note the wall structures, profiled timber, the surface or the many other fine nuances: rich and lovingly designed details, it turns on the system is a real attraction, STANDARDS match your car. The best model has a fine indoor replica of a wood floor, as was usual in these buildings. For the refinement, are still a few boxes from our range. More details can be seen on the pictures below to click. Modeled according to the building from the period around 1900 is designed so that it can be operated depending on the aging condition still inside.

The original of our model:
A beautiful rural freight shed. The execution of "brown mountain" impresses with its interiors and extended details. The proportions of small goods shed model correspond to the typical original. The model is a model of timeless ago.

The goods shed "Brown Mountain" is shown in the version about 46cm high. It can be built together for larger installations, the building is a length of 90cm, 130cm etc results.

Our model of the outside:
We also attached special importance in this model to the solid design. Then the weight up to 14 pounds. All walls are double, outside and plastered inside. Windows inside and outside a model built with frames. All windows for better stability milled, not cast.

The roof
consists of solid roof panels that are cast over a large area and you're done. So it's no tedious gluing necessary! Inside you will find a copy of the complete roof structure from a few pre-warping plastic elements. The entire roof can be assembled quickly and cleanly - there is no tedious cut strips or glue required!

The gates
the freight shed "brown mountain" can be opened and closed in metal rails. They are ready and have already been cast metal handles.

In the interior
is a realistic textured floor boards laid, the walls are plastered between the visible timber. All beams and braces are modeled.