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Goods Shed Aichig 440 Ready build "Diorama"

Goods Shed Aichig 440 Ready build
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Goods Shed Aichig 440 Ready build
Goods Shed Aichig 440 Ready build
Goods Shed Aichig 440 Ready build
Goods Shed Aichig 440 Ready build
Goods Shed Aichig 440 Ready build
Goods Shed Aichig 440 Ready build
Goods Shed Aichig 440 Ready build
Goods Shed Aichig 440 Ready build
Goods Shed Aichig 440 Ready build

Goods shed Aichig "Diorama"

This Diorama version is ready Painted with Patina, it also includes the wooden floor inside, outside this detailed roof supports, to open doors, metal hinges, metal rivets, stairs to the loading dock, brass handrail.

The model is approximately 440x190 mm (footprint) and 300 mm width including roof.

"The 'Classical goods shed with all the typical characteristics of the bricks. The model is, like all our kits designed to be very solid, with up to 10 mm thick walls made of heavy and distortion-free plastic. The model includes all exterior walls and a concrete loading dock in style. Detailing the extensions and roof beams for the interior, it is possible to supplement the model with the detail set.

Our model:
The goods shed "Aichig" is an exact replication of the widespread bricks. Our model has all the attributes and details of these buildings. Stylish design, it has all the details that distinguish a quality model.

Constructionn of Güerschuppens "Aichig":
All sides are pre-fabricated, the end walls are completely finished. The model of the freight shed "Aichig" is made of solid Matrerial that owns virtually all areas of the original wall thickness. The walls are so thick in fact up to 12mm, as well as delicate as doors are stable. Unlike Holzauweise our doors do not warp after several years as a watch with wooden doors often is.
Similarly, now a classic: Our windows. Unlike many manufacturers, we are maintaining our expensive, milled version. Only because you have the stability that one can never get cheaper cast window. Just as always our hinges are made of brass, of which we can manufacture for most purposes, especially irregular.
Also this model we use is designed for a purpose by several decades!

The roof
consists of solid roof panels that are cast over a large area and you're done. So it's no tedious gluing necessary! Inside you will find a copy of the complete roof structure from a few pre-warping plastic elements. The whole roof is removable at any time. It can be assembled quickly and cleanly - there is no tedious cut strips or glue required!

The gates
the freight shed "Aichig" are set to open with the details. They are ready and have already been cast metal handles.

In the interior

is a realistic textured floor boards laid, the walls are plastered between the visible timber. All beams, walls and struts parts are simulated.

We build safe!
Information on the use of wood and "Giesskeramik" in models:
We guarantee you as our customers that we build our models exclusively WITHOUT wood, gypsum fiber board and MDF. By the action already normal humidity (in summer up to 90%) can warp wood and MDF boards. "Giesskeramik" panels are easily broken, these materials absorb color and can be painted badly. The result would be distorted structures and facades bruchgefärdete your models! For this reason, it is natural for us that we do not offer you as a bit!
Our models are built from multiple expensive plastic. Our sophisticated manufacturing techniques, giving a much more expensive but you are a customer we value these high costs! Our models are available through our high effort for decades safely and weatherproof.