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70cm Metal - Kit "Modell-Version"

70cm Metal - Kit
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70cm Metal - Kit
70cm Metal - Kit
70cm Metal - Kit
70cm Metal - Kit

70cm (23m) Turntable Kit
" Highly detailed and functional - weatherproof! "

Technology and function - even for large locos !
With our turntable 70cm ( stage length) life comes to BW ! Finally, many locomotives turn Spaen place and lift the operation to a new level . More features with our hub !

The large functional model will save you a lot of space : On the big stage , you can implement virtually all engines and rotate effectively . Our model is of course weatherproof as ever! The rugged drives ensure safe rotation.

Technical design
Solid construction made of 10mm thick polystyrene up to . Length of the rotating stage , 60cm . For years proven drive in metal. The model is easy to assemble and change if necessary, also according to their own wishes. The stage is , for example, with our 12V motor driven (option). Locking is done by hand. Locks of metal can be attached per track (option). The stage runs in a total of 9 sealed ball bearings .

The Pre-Build Model
The large model comes pre-built kit to you. Critical stages of construction are pre- made ​​by us ( pit , stage ) . The necessary work will be limited essentially to the onset of the mine track ( If already bent at ) and the design of the pit and the stage. Wood strips for the catwalks are included. All commercially available tracks will be laid (track not included) . Pit and stage are unpainted and may ( also paints Plaka ) be painted with any standard model paints .

The model can be equipped individually :
* Propulsion Kit with powerful motor , steel gears , ball bearings
* Electric set with cables, ring board in the middle and contacts
* Operator house weatherproof with door open
* Detail set with railings made ​​of brass and wood moldings profiles for the catwalk
* Electronic control
* Mechanical locking of metal


The figure shows the completely built 80cm model with optional accessories.