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70cm Classic - "Scale" Line

70cm Classic -
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70cm Classic -
70cm Classic -
70cm Classic -
70cm Classic -
70cm Classic -
70cm Classic -
70cm Classic -
70cm Classic -
70cm Classic -


- Ready build Model -
"With the real Pit!"

Complete - SCALE Model:
- With the mobile operator house, doors open!
- The operator with additional detailing house
- With additional equipment for the home user
- Required by effective with rotating locking signal (electronic hubs
- (Hubs required electronics) with electrical interlock
- Careful with patina (Level 1 - Increased patination possible)
- With about 900 cm extra brass profiles
- With more detailed mine-run crown
- With double power purchase
- With special ball bearings for extreme durability

Classic Version
- With paved pit of about 30,000 model rocks!
- Spoked wheels on the stage
- Best profiles as a side panel with profiles

Advantages of our model:
Locomotive turntable stage with full length of 71 cm, suitable for long locomotives. Quality model to simulate all three functions. Built a model for images of unity hubs. Detailed construction in track-1 quality.
The execution stage in plastic / metal. Railings and fittings made ​​of brass. Mine in plastic / resin. Very solid model with prototypical design and detailing! Ball-bearing drive with proven gear, ball bearing, in metal construction. Set pieces of metal / plastic weatherproof. House with a hub device (option).
The branch angles are arbitrary. Standard are 10 °.

Track Locks
The hub comes with 4 catches for sidings, and more are available as accessories.
Upon request we put in the desired places the stops for the hub and assemble the finished Veriegelungen. The installation happens with a precise template exactly ° angles.

Our quality model offers:
- "The real hub of the pit!" - Lower floor that slopes prototypical inside!
- Water drainage simulated
- Full Ball Bearings storage and drive
- Metal-drive
- About 10 meters brass sections, hand-soldered
- Increased Königstuhl, fully detailed
- Single-hub - 26 m model
- Suitable for any length of 80 cm stage unit locomotives!
- Built WITHOUT WOOD - - weatherproof outdoor model suitable!

Versions of the Turntable 23m (70cm)
Modellbahn Scale
High Quality Model, ready build and ready to use
Weather resistant built (-Without Wood !)
Long-Life Motor 12V with gear, softl control, Steel Gears and Ball Bearings J J
24 Carat hardend Electronic Plate in the Center for best contacts while turning
With Locks at the Exits made from fine Brass (2 Pairs for free)
0 J
Moveable signals, 4-times locked in Ball-Barings, moveable with Option-Electronic
0 J
With additional Details at the Workers House 0 J
Interior in the Workers House 0 J
Locking of the Bridge with Brass Lockers 0 J
With ca 10 meter fine Brass profiles, solderd in Hand-Work
0 J
Additional Details at the Bridge
0 J
Double Connectors in the Center for best safety
0 J
Special Connectors at the Outside for easy and safe connecting
0 J
Dust protected Ball bearings for Long-Life Turning
0 J
2-times Painting
J 0
3-times Painting, Base-Colour, Clear Coat
0 J
Legende:  J = enthalten   0 = Nicht enthalten    

Further equipment details:
With rotatable locking signals, detailed profiles of brass railings, detailed underbody, profile Seienwangen lined the stage with the reinforcing plates and many other details

- Electronic control
- Establishment for keeper's house (and finished model kit)
- Skating in 3 steps

Electronic control (Option):
Turntable control ready for installation (required Intellibox etc) with start dialing, self-learning electronics (!), Lighting for the home user, polarity reversal, selectable track exits and ease of use.

We build safe!
Information on the use of wood in models:
We guarantee you as our customers that we build our models exclusively WITHOUT wood and MDF fiberboard. By the action already normal humidity (in summer up to 90%) can warp wood and MDF boards! The result would be distorted structures and facades of your models! For this reason, it is natural for us that we do not offer you as a bit!
Our models are built from multiple expensive plastic. Our sophisticated manufacturing techniques, giving a much more expensive than wood boards to lasers, but are you as a customer we value these high costs!
Our models are determined by warping our high effort for decades, and weatherproof.