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23m Turntable - Fine-Line

23m Turntable -  Fine-Line
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Shipping time: 6 months
23m Turntable -  Fine-Line
23m Turntable -  Fine-Line
23m Turntable -  Fine-Line
23m Turntable -  Fine-Line
23m Turntable -  Fine-Line
23m Turntable -  Fine-Line
23m Turntable -  Fine-Line
23m Turntable -  Fine-Line
23m Turntable -  Fine-Line

23 m "Fine-Line"

for you personally ...!

Your "high-end" model:

This model of the 26 m turntable was constructed with the help of numerous original documents. Many photos and drawings formed the basis for creating a model that was as true to the model as possible. Many new paths have been broken and innovations used to create a visual and technical masterpiece for you.

The "Fine-Line" Model is completely redesigned.

Deserve special attention:

* Metal frame in fine MS profiles of the new design
* Inner frame for stiffening like in the oroginal
* New pivot mount
* New spring contacts, 24CT gold-plated

* Complete substructure under the operator's house
* Control cabin screwed on and removable
* 3 different roofs to choose from

* Completely new latch
* Construction refined again
* Locking on both sides
* Locking rods prototypically outside and lever movable

* Stairs at both ends
* New railing brackets
* Steps with checker plate

* Signals with screwed on bases
* New signal drive

* Stage cover optionally with grid plate or checker plate

* Pit with "fine-scale" track inside the running ring
* Real wood sleepers
* Rail chairs also "fine-scale"
* Tread inside with prototypical links "fine-scale"
* Pit with reinforced rim and reinforced support
* Track locks redesigned
* King's chair with new hexagonal base
* King's chair with model screws on the base

In addition, it is probably the best turntable control on the market
* With a specially developed decoder
* amplified power amplifier
* new sound module
* Own control panel for operation with display
* No programming knowledge necessary - just switch it on and start turning!

The new "fine-scale" model is already ready as a hand sample.
It is planned to be available from January 2021.

- Pictures of the model will follow here in the next few weeks -

The price of the model
depends to a large extent on your personal model. Unfortunately, the very high construction costs cannot be in the lower range. The extremely realistic look and joy of the rare and unique model will make up for it for decades.

The delivery is valid in a 300km radius of Bayreuth according to Google maps Strassen. Beyond 1 .- / km)