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19 m Classic "Edition"

19 m Classic
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19 m Classic
19 m Classic
19 m Classic
19 m Classic
19 m Classic
19 m Classic
19 m Classic


The "Edition" Modell 
The Models of the "Edition" Line consist everything what we can realise for You. Thts more technical Details, more screws, more Material, more Handwork. More Painting and more time to finish.
Also You will get more expensive Materials, a extra hardend Pit, special soldering, more expensive wires inside.

But we include more:

* The complete Electronic Pagage with Sound, Steering, Direct-Control and more
* Special servos for locking and turning
* Expensive  "Faulhaber" Motor (Special Version!) for silent and powerfull turning
* A 3 stage Painting with hardend base painting
* Exits as mutch as You want in fine Brass, all ready mounted
* Patina in all 3 Versions, till some grass inside
* Workers House interior in special version with 1mm miniatur screws
* Special Ball Bearings
* Hand Work adjustred Position of the Bridge in the Pit for best fitting
* Dural Allay Center Axle (CNC Work)
* and more ....

You will get a absolute personal Model:
Specially made for You. You can choose between nearly 10.000 combinations of Bridges, Colours, Workerhouses, Exits, Side Frames and more.

You get Your favourite colour:
Just tell us - You will get it! We paint every RAL colour for You!

You want left-hand, Signals on the other side like Switzerland?
No problem.

We build YOUR personal model.
Stable, long-life and smooth running.

We build safe!
Information on the use of wood in models:
We guarantee you as our customers that we build our models exclusively WITHOUT wood and MDF fiberboard. By the action already normal humidity (in summer up to 90%) can warp wood and MDF boards! The result would be distorted structures and facades of your models! For this reason, it is natural for us that we do not offer you as a bit!
Our models are built from multiple expensive plastic. Our sophisticated manufacturing techniques, giving a much more expensive than wood boards to lasers, but are you as a customer we value these high costs!
Our models are determined by warping our high effort for decades, and weatherproof.