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Roundhouse 9 Houses

Roundhouse 9 Houses
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Roundhouse 9 Houses
Roundhouse 9 Houses
Roundhouse 9 Houses
Roundhouse 9 Houses
Roundhouse 9 Houses
Roundhouse 9 Houses
Roundhouse 9 Houses
Roundhouse 9 Houses
Roundhouse 9 Houses

The big roundhouse

Very beautiful model in a classic brick construction with detailed and stepped facade. Very beautiful decorations as they adorned the provincial railroad and railroad time the facades. Original brickwork, executed professionally. Window with infill. All tile joints are modeled to scale. Solid design in weather-resistant plastic. Solid walls, up to 12 mm thick, several kilos of highly detailed hard, weather resistant, distortion-free. All the walls are already colored!
The windows are milled, not cast. Between the stands is a prototypical stud frame, also made of durable plastic and wood sections, without distortion.

The model has an interior length of 860 mm, so that also fit big engines (BR45). It is designed for 10 ° junction angle, but can also be built for others. The radius from the center hub should be around 160cm at 10 ° pitch. Between the roundhouse and a turntable 80 cm are approx 440 mm square.
- All dimensions and specifications depending on the design and expected -

The goals of the model are simulated realistically: Fabricated plastic distortion set, in an exemplary design. The Torschharniere are made of brass, stainless. The whole model is very solid and "buy one for eternity."

This offered kit contains 2 side walls finished, finished back panels, finished Torwände. All the walls are finished in 1 piece. Most components are already stained!
The roof panels are prefabricated with a little excess, with roofing felt and just need something to be adjusted. The metal framework inside is made of solid polystyrene is glued together with the real wood stiffeners. Windows are milled out of polystyrene, as are the doors. Individual details are molded from high quality resin.

Almost all components are already stained! On request we can also paint your model in 3-layer brick color with the airbrush! Hell if you want more or darker patina "brick color"!

For more detail:
For the interior there is a detailed record. This includes long investigation pits, the floor boards, stand posts and more.

Furthermore, the model can be with our tables and shelves inside further detail. Design your own diorama and you can see here our images.

For detailed instructions:
There is a detailed blueprint for (16 pages), with all the key points of the walls, gates and part items are recorded! The instructions are, as always, 4-color, complete with pictures, parts lists. The construction of the model is that with careful design simple and very solid!

We build safe!
Information on the use of wood in models:
We guarantee you as our customers that we build our models exclusively WITHOUT wood and MDF fiberboard. By the action already normal humidity (in summer up to 90%) can warp wood and MDF boards! The result would be distorted structures and facades of your models! For this reason, it is natural for us that we do not offer you as a bit!
Our models are built from multiple expensive plastic. Our sophisticated manufacturing techniques, giving a much more expensive than wood boards to lasers, but are you as a customer we value these high costs!
Our models are determined by warping our high effort for decades, and weatherproof.